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Searching for a new home takes time and attention. The majority of prospective buyers therefore conduct their search on the internet, where countless real estate agents list their available properties. This is a good method to gain an initial impression.

However, if you are looking for a unique property an automated search of this kind will not deliver your specific requirements. The most interesting homes are not always listed on the internet.

Instead of starting with internet listings, Biltstede begins with you. If you are looking for a property in the exclusive segment, then we are happy to take our time. We discuss your wishes, your taste, your passion and your plans for the future. We cannot deliver a perfect match unless we know precisely what you have in mind.

Obviously, we also use the internet and we review the portfolios of our fellow real estate agents. However, the selection from the total properties for sale is made by people who know you personally.

The Biltstede approach

  • During a detailed, no-obligation introductory meeting you share your requirements with us.
  • Biltstede takes note of your search criteria and sends you a written summary. Are you in agreement? If so, we will conduct a search.
  • Biltstede starts searching on your behalf on the internet, but primarily through the use of its own networks.
  • We will inform you immediately of any available properties that meet your requirements. If you are interested then we will organize a viewing.

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