Purchasing a country estate or a listed building

Purchase a property

For most people, purchasing a country estate, country house or listed building can be a stressful event. It may be a similar experience for you. You want to make a sensible business decision, but are also affected by your own enthusiasm or impatience.

By calling on Biltstede for assistance, you make it easy on yourself. You are then free to allow your enthusiasm to lead the way! Biltstede takes a businesslike and objective approach. Not only with regard to the property, but also to its surroundings. We arrange for a valuation and structural survey to be conducted. We then use this as our basis for establishing a well-substantiated price recommendation and a clear purchasing strategy.

If required, we conduct negotiations on the price and any additional conditions on your behalf. Our preparatory work ensures that negotiations generally run smoothly. This is vital during the period after the purchase, when you still need to make certain arrangements with the previous owner.

The Biltstede approach

  • Each property that we purchase on behalf of our client undergoes an independent building survey.
  • Before we establish a purchasing strategy, we present as clear a picture as possible of the property value.
  • If required, Biltstede conducts any price negotiations on your behalf.
  • After the purchase is completed, Biltstede continues to assist you until the date on which ownership of the property is transferred.

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