Selling your valuable property

Sell your  property

An estate or a listed building is a valuable property. Economically and emotionally. When you decide to sell that property, you want a real estate agent who will treat it with the utmost care.

Your property is more than just an object to Biltstede: it is a building with a story. We do our utmost to capture and present that story in words and images, thereby ensuring that any prospective owner is aware of the qualities of your property. Right from the start.

The fact that the sales process should be handled with the utmost care is self-evident. Over the years, Biltstede has developed a procedure to ensure that both purchaser and vendor are treated fairly and equally. Negotiation certainly forms an integral part of this procedure, but applies only to matters that are absolutely relevant.

The Biltstede approach

  • All properties in our portfolio undergo an independent building survey. This eliminates any discrepancies at a later stage.
  • Before we establish a sales price, we request an independent valuation from several experts.
  • Since our valuation is well substantiated, this leaves little room for price negotiations with prospective buyers. This provides clarity to all parties.
  • Biltstede pays the utmost attention to the presentation of your home in words and images. By mutual agreement we create a presentation plan, including a comprehensive breakdown of the anticipated costs.

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